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Welcome on my page!

A fox with a firefighter suite

Hey, I am Chojo. I work in a Berlin based Data Science company since 2019 as a software/backend developer and lead backend developer since 2021, which wasn't my initial plan, but actually a good decision. I first wanted to become a game programmer, but in the end I didn't really follow this path to the end. Beside my work I also program a lot of other stuff I present on this page.

You will find a lot of stuff on this page. More information about myself and how I got where I am or the languages and technologies I use. Or maybe you want to read something about my minecraft projects, the discord bots I developed or the libraries I maintain. I also have some other projects I work on, which do not fit in any of those categories.

All the work you can find on my pages is available for free. If you want to support my work consider subscribing on my Patreon or sponsor me on GitHub

Have fun exploring my little page c:

If you want to contact me you can do this via mail [at] chojo [dot] dev or via my Discord Server.

Discord Server invite for Chojos Coding Hell

There is also a dedicated discord for my Minecraft plugins

Discord Server invite for Eldoria Plugins