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Hello I am Chojo

You probably came here to learn something about me. Well lets start it!

You often find me using the names Chojo, Hadde or Lilly when I am somewhere around in the internet (Except on GitHub for no reason). I am passionate about Java and SQL (yes...). Also like nearly everyone I want to do more stuff than I have time left. I mainly work on minecraft plugins published under my Eldoria organisation. Feel free to check it out. All my work is open source since I think it is important to share knowledge and skills. I also created a bunch of tutorials, which teach you how to work with databases. Check it out on my repositories.

If you are looking for a long story take a look at my about me. An overview about the technologies I use can be found here as well. I also compiled a small list of milestones.

If you want to contact me you can do this via mail [at] chojo [dot] dev or via my Discord Server.

Discord Server invite for Chojos Coding Hell

There is also a dedicated discord for my Minecraft plugins

Discord Server invite for Eldoria Plugins