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Sharing and Publishing Dependencies with Gradle

German Version

Reusing or accessing code from other projects with gradle is very easy. This blog posts dives into publishing dependencies to your local maven repository (or remote) to use it in another project. We also take a short look at online repositories and the small extras you have to account for when your projects are minecraft plugins.

If you are not familiar with gradle yet, have a look at my previous post about gradle basics.

Jackson Bukkit - Bukkit serialization done the right way

German Version

With the introduction of paper plugins, paper decided to drop support for the ConfigurationSerializable interface. While this interface and the system behind it provided a usable way to de/serialise an object fairly easily, it wasn't ideal by any means. It was hard to learn and required a lot of boilerplate code to simply de/serialise an object. So we're going to say goodbye to it. It won't be missed.

Minecraft Development with Gradle: Basic and Advanced | A guide

German Version

This blog post is about developing Minecraft plugins for Paper and Spigot servers using Gradle. The Minecraft community has built a huge ecosystem for Minecraft around the Gradle build tool. Instead of throwing a sample Gradle file at you, we will go through this step by step. We will start with the basic Gradle layout, set up repositories and dependencies, and move on to plugins.